Nature Share

NatureShare is a database for individuals and groups to document and share information about their local environment.

Everything you put into NatureShare (photos, locations, biological attributes) is shared in a real and functional way with everyone across Victoria.

NatureShare is free to everyone and can be used by anyone (individuals, groups, councils, companies, etc). Anyone, or any group, can set up species 'collections' for their own property, for parks/reserves, for areas/towns, for anything, anywhere.

You can easily integrate NatureShare into your existing website and you can even access the NatureShare code and write your own code to help improve NatureShare. If we all share, we all benefit.

Observations Database

NatureShare has a database of 12323 observations (and growing), recording data such as species, locations and photographs.

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Collections System

Collections are user-generated "albums" of species and observations (usually relevant to a geographical location).

NatureShare currently has 327 collections and growing.

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Species Database

NatureShare has a database of 17776 species (and growing).

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