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    03 Oct 2017-38.7,143.4Jeff Lomas

    We do not know what this plant is. Tightly clumped circle 40cm in diameter, 10cm high, of shiny green elongated leaves 4-7cm long. Mass of leaves with lots of flowers hidden under the leaves. Flowers are hooded, cup-like 3-4cm long with a thick white column inside. White base with purple hood. Plant appears to be connected with roots, not bulbs.


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    1. David Francis  Arisarum proboscideum (Mouse-tail Arum) - a garden escape, native to the Mediterranean region. Not in our database.

      Reply • 04 Oct 2017

    2. Chris Lindorff  If truly naturalised, we could decide to add to database.

      Reply • 05 Oct 2017