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  • Thalaina clara Clara's Satin Moth

    28 Apr 2019-34.7,138.9amanda


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    1. Cathy Powers  Hello Amanda - this moth is actually Thalaina angulosa. It is very similar to Thalaina clara however the line which begins in the basal (near the head) section continuing to the terminal area of the forewing is almost a straight line. In the species T. clara, the line starts further down the wing and has almost a dog-leg before it goes to the terminal end of the forewing. It is a very good example of moths from South Australia. Please do not remove this observation however NatureShare was established to present observations from Victoria. This moth species is also found in Victoria. There has been a series of booklets titled Moths of Victoria parts 1-8 which may assist you in identifying your observations. Purchase of this series can be done through the Entomological Society of Victoria (entsocvic.org.au)

      Reply • 06 May