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  • Nitidulidae spp. Nitidule Mesostigmata spp.

    22 Nov 2014-38.1,147.1Suzanne Jones

    There were many Nitidulidae beetles inside the compost bin, on top of the soil. Most of them seemed to have at least one red mite attached to them. Some beetles, like this one, carried a heavy load of mites. The mites were identified by a mite expert, via Ken Walker, as being a species of Mesostigmata.


  • Erythraeidae spp.

    29 Sep 2014-38.1,147.1Suzanne Jones

    Eight red legs, a metallic blue body and red mouthparts. It was rescued from a water bucket, ran around constantly and even tried to burrow into the hand that was holding it. It is an arachnid of some kind, but not sure if it is a harvestman, or a mite or a tick or a very unusual spider.


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    1. David Francis  A tick?- body shape, piercing mouthparts, black hook visible on end of top right leg in the first photo.

      Reply • 30 Sep 2014

    2. Suzanne Jones  Thanks David. I have never seen a tick before. This one was a fair size. Wonder what type of creature it feeds from? I think rabbits, mice, rats and humans would be the only mammals here - although there are dogs, cows, horses and a goat in paddocks nearby. Strange how a tick would get into a water bucket too!

      Reply • 30 Sep 2014

    3. Suzanne Jones  I wonder now, if this is a Spider Mite, Tetranychus spp. I have just read that they suck fluids from leaves and make silk webs. This fits in with the fact that, when my husband flicked it from his hand onto the ground, he said "It has to be a spider, it fell down like it was on a web". Then again, it is such a size that I don't know if Spider Mites can be that big, but apart from the colour, it does look like a photo I have seen of a Red Spider Mite.

      Reply • 01 Oct 2014

      • David Francis  You could be right - a tick wouldn't produce a web, I don't think. Any help on the Bowerbird website?

        Reply • 01 Oct 2014

    4. Suzanne Jones  No, no comments at all from there.

      Reply • 01 Oct 2014

    5. Suzanne Jones  Identified as Erythraeidae by Stephen Thorpe, on Bowerbird website.

      Reply • 02 Oct 2014

  • Convolvulus erubescens s.l. Pink Bindweed Acarina spp. Mites and Ticks Chrysocephalum apiculatum s.s. Common Everlasting

    15 Nov 2012-37.8,144.8Bill Strong


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    1. Unknown  Predatory Running Mite (Red).

      Reply • 28 Nov 2012