Uromycladium tepperianum

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  • Uromycladium tepperianum

    17 Nov 2018-37.7,144.3Jeff Triplett

    rust gall on seed pod of Acacia mearnsii. See my previous post re Uromycladium name changes


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    1. Leuba Ridgway  Interesting to see them on a seed pod.

      Reply • 05 Dec 2018

  • Uromycladium tepperianum

    31 Jan 2017-38.1,145.2Jeff Triplett

    Gall caused by a rust fungus, about 10cm across, on a large Acacia Mearnsii. Update: Uromycladium tepperianum has been split into at least 16 different species each infecting a different range of Acacia species. The one on Acacia mearnsii is called Uromycladium murphyi. See "Diversity of gall-forming rusts (Uromycladium, Pucciniales) on Acacia in Australia" by C. Doungsa-ard et al, Persoonia vol. 40, 2018 pages 221–238.


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    1. David Francis  Hi Jeff, great to have you keeping ahead of the game! Split into 16 species - that's a lot! We usually wait until the new names appear in the ALA before updating. The ALA names are sourced from Ausfungi (MEL)

      Reply • 12 Sep 2018