Thylacodes sipho

Common Worm-shell

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  • Thylacodes sipho Common Worm-shell

    25 May 2018-38.0,145.0Leuba Ridgway

    This coiled thin shell with pale orange bands is that of a marine gastropod/snail that lives in a coiled tube. The snails resemble tube worms (polychaetes) because of the structure but are in a different family. The tube is usually cemented to other structures. Unlike other snails, this species does not have an operculum or lid.


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    1. David Francis  How interesting! Reminds me of the tube-worm Galeolaria but it is in a completely different phylum. I would never have guessed it was a mollusc.

      Reply • 29 May 2018

    2. David Francis  Thylacodes sipho added.

      Reply • 29 May 2018

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thanks David. I thought it was a tube-worm too...Interesting isn't it ?

        Reply • 29 May 2018