Terpandrus spp.

Gumleaf Katydids

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  • Terpandrus spp. Gumleaf Katydids

    23 Feb 2017-36.8,144.4Andrew Brown

    On a pot plant on the veranda. Approx. 60mm length- see 2nd photo for whole insect.


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    1. Andrew Brown  Matthew Connors id. on Bowerbird -Terpandrus spp. It's difficult to tell what species this female is, but she is likely T. calperum, T. endota, or T. jumbunna. I do not have the expertise to tell them apart and the range mostly fits all of them. C. simplex is much smaller and has a very different body shape

      Reply • 10 Mar 2017

    2. Andrew Brown  Terpandrus spp. not on NS

      Reply • 10 Mar 2017

    3. Andrew Brown  David, could this be added to NS please?

      Reply • 25 Mar 2017