Snellenia lineata

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  • Snellenia lineata

    16 Mar 2018-37.6,144.9Andrew Allen

    Mating pair. I've seen a few of these around WHP in the last three weeks.


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    1. Cathy Powers  I am still green with envy!

      Reply • 18 Mar 2018

  • Snellenia lineata

    02 Mar 2018-37.6,144.9Andrew Allen

    I saw this small insect flying around a black wattle. It was fast and difficult to photograph, and at first I thought it was a lycid beetle. I managed to get a few photos before it flew away. When I zoomed into the photo I noticed the moth-like legs and googled lycid mimic moth to discover that it is indeed a moth. I think possibly Snellenia lineata, but I'm not exactly sure of the species to I have left it as Snellenia sp. for now. A fascinating mimic, complete with lycid like antennae. Lycid beetles are poisonous so it seems advantageous to mimic them. Two photos uploaded.


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    1. Cathy Powers  Andrew - I am so jealous. I keep taking images of the beetle and never get the moth. Great images and I think you ID of Snellenia lineata is correct. The only other possibility would be S. hylaea but I know that S. lineata has been observed in Upper Beaconsfield previously. I would put the species as lineata.

      Reply • 03 Mar 2018

      • Andrew Allen  Thanks Cathy. I was quite thrilled to see this one.

        Reply • 03 Mar 2018