Lenkunya adae

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  • Lenkunya adae

    11 Dec 2011-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    150mm long (max) soft shiny multi-striped baggy looking worm with delicate olive, cream and brown colouring. In wet sclerophyll eucalyptus forest under wet chipboard. This one was named as 'Lenkunya adae' by Dr Leigh Winsor on BowerBird. http://www.bowerbird.org.au/observations/4067


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    1. Mark Ridgway  Thanks for those adds David. Chris wanted to check this one as ALA is lacking this taxo.

      Reply • 03 Mar 2015

      • David Francis  Hello Mark, I took off the name 'Caenoplaninae australopacifica' pending further checking as it's not on the ALA.

        Reply • 03 Mar 2015

        • Mark Ridgway  Thank goodness you are checking. The binomial name for this was given as 'Lenkunya adae' on BowerBird by Leigh Winsor... not that rubbish I wrote before. (copy paste slip-of-the-mouse)

          Reply • 03 Mar 2015

    2. David Francis  Lenkunya adae added to the db. Interesting discussion on BB with Dr. Leigh Winsor.

      Reply • 04 Mar 2015