Endoxyla magnifica

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    12 Jan 2019-37.9,145.3Leuba Ridgway

    A large grey female Cossid with a wing span of about 175 mm. It made a crash landing and thrashed & skidded about on its back rubbing-off most of its scales on the thorax and wings. It finally calmed down when offered a large piece of eucalyptus bark. There were no significant patterns on wings or thorax on the grey upper side. The undersides of the wings were a deep pinkish-brown with a pale edging to the inner margin of the fore wings. The abdomen was thick and densely covered with brown tinged setae dorsally and was white on the ventral side. Attracted to bright lights on building near a National Park.


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    1. Cathy Powers  Hello Leuba - what a great set of images to assist with ID. The ventral views were a huge help but the other aspects were great too. I agree with your ID and have added the requested species name to the dataset. Thanks for putting it on NatureShare for all to enjoy.

      Reply • 13 Jan 2019

    2. Leuba Ridgway  Thank you so much Cathy. We spent ages trying to find a match amongst the various larger Endoxylas, then Mark found it on Bowerbird. I was distressed as much as the moth to see it struggle ( against concrete) so much and it was most touching to see it settle down at the feel of a bark - what are we doing to this world ?

      Reply • 13 Jan 2019