Dasineura rubiformis

Black-wattle Flower-galling Midge

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  • Dasineura rubiformis Black-wattle Flower-galling Midge

    12 Aug 2017-37.6,144.9Jeff Triplett

    More Dasineura rubiformis galls, together with immature ungalled seed pods. This colour is more common in the park


  • Dasineura rubiformis Black-wattle Flower-galling Midge

    11 May 2017-37.6,144.9Jeff Triplett

    These are bud galls on Black Wattle, which I believe are caused by Dasineura rubiformis. The species is described in Kolesik, P., Adair, R.J., and Eick, G (2005) "Nine new species of Dasineura (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) from flowers of Australian Acacia (Mimosaceae)", Systematic Entomology 30:454-479. You can find photos on the web from south africa and portugal since this species has been released for biological control of black wattle. It was found not to affect the growth of plantation trees, but drastically reduces seed production and therefore invasiveness. Species is fairly common in Woodlands Historic Park.


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    1. David Francis  I'll add the species to the database if you are confident of the species. I can also add the genus only if you want to play safe

      Reply • 19 Aug 2018

      • Jeff Triplett  I am not sure anything can be identified to "professional standard" from a photo but rubiformis seems to be the only one in the paper that matches. Adair did a pretty comprehensive search for galls on the invasive acacia so there are unlikely to be any undescribed species on A. mearnsii. I say call it rubiformis until one of the professionals sees it and contradicts!

        Reply • 20 Aug 2018

    2. David Francis  Sound thinking, Jeff. I'll add the species to the database when I get back to my desk later in the week.

      Reply • 20 Aug 2018

    3. David Francis  Dasineura rubiformis added to dataset.

      Reply • 26 Aug 2018