Australoplana spp.

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  • Australoplana spp.

    13 Aug 2019-37.8,145.0Reilly

    Found under a patch of artificial grass. Approx location.


  • Australoplana spp.

    20 Oct 2014-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    Two geoplanarians. Both were about 80mm long fully extended. The pointy end is the head... eyes at the other end !! Under rocks in an outer urban back yard. A member of the Australoplana alba complex.


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    1. Suzanne Jones  I was surprised to read recently that the mouth of a flatworm is near the middle of the body on the ventral view. Also, that the eyes were in a line all along the body. Such strange creatures. Fascinating.

      Reply • 04 Mar 2015

      • Mark Ridgway  Yes they are weird animals. They are amazing to watch when attacking other creatures being surprisingly fast and overcoming them with speed, strength and sticky, digestive mucous. They then evert a muscular pharynx to consume the prey. Little nightmares for small critters but an important indicator of local bio conditions as they need clean moisture. These and the blue one I posted are now travelling the world successfully as are the 'hammerhead' types out of Asia.

        Reply • 04 Mar 2015

        • Suzanne Jones  Yes, I gathered from Leigh Winsor that some are travellers through the nursery trade. They get into or underneath pot plants.

          Reply • 04 Mar 2015

  • Australoplana spp. Australoplana alba/sanguinea alba

    04 Aug 2014-37.7,145.1Peter Bire

    I think it is Australoplana sanguinea, but not sure. Found beneath a log amongst a Microlaena patch.


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    1. Russell Best  ID by Leigh Winsor who added "It is most likely to be either Australoplana alba or "Australoplana sanguinea alba"- both in fact are different species in another genus, a taxonomic issue which I am presently resolving. Positive ID would be through anatomical investigations."

      Reply • 08 Sep 2014