Andrenosoma queenslandi

Synonym: Laphria maura

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  • Andrenosoma queenslandi

    17 Feb 2015-38.2,145.2Leuba Ridgway

    This black robber fly was about 15 mm long. The thorax was flat along the midline and symmetrically lumpy on either side. Eyes were large and facing upwards. Stiff white bristles seen between the eyes and on the face. Legs also had stiff white setae. Wings were dark and folded over the abdomen which had white spots on the lateral aspects of some of the tergites. Spotted flying around dried logs ( Langwarrin Flora & Fauna Reserve). Synonym: Laphria maura


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Hi Leuba. The name has now been added. Cheers. Chris.

      Reply • 06 Mar 2015

    2. David Francis  Was this identified from brisbaneinsects?

      Reply • 07 Mar 2015

      • Leuba Ridgway  Yes David. If it is incorrect please let me know. Thanks.

        Reply • 07 Mar 2015

        • David Francis  Leuba, your observation is a perfect match to the photos on brisbaneinsects which I always accept as being correct. Great record and photos, by the way - first on ALA for Australia!

          Reply • 07 Mar 2015

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you David. Andrenosoma queenslandi seems to be the accepted name on the Australian Faunal Directory which lists Laphria maura ( on Brisb. insects) as a synonym. I agree Mr Chew does a great job !

        Reply • 07 Mar 2015