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    18 Feb 2018-37.2,144.5Lawrie Conole

    This summer has seen a massive cohort or two of Xanthogaleruca luteola, and most elms in the town have been seriously defoliated (except for some of the variegated cultivars). Some nights there are thousands of dead beetles piled up outside lit shop windows, and I've had a steady stream of them inside my house.


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    1. David Francis  What a shame. I suppose nothing can be done about it.

      Reply • 18 Feb 2018

      • Lawrie Conole  Something could be done, but it would be eye-wateringly expensive! The real problem I suspect are the large groves of elm suckers and slash growing wild all over the place. They act as incubators for the beetle, which then to some extent move into the mature, managed trees around the place. Inoculating all the feral stuff would be phenomenally labour intensive.

        Reply • 19 Feb 2018