Thuretia quercifolia

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  • Thuretia quercifolia

    20 Jan 2018-38.4,145.1Leuba Ridgway

    A dense clump of pale orange seaweed (red algae) with oak-leaf shaped fronds/thalli. Washed-up onto the beach off Westernport Bay (Balnarring Beach). This species gets it's name "quercifolia" fro the oak-shaped fronds. It is reported that this is a common and distinctive species found in deep waters in the rough-water coasts of southern Australia. My thanks to Janine Baker for the ID.


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    1. David Francis  Thuretia quercifolia added. I was surprised to discover that the Red Algae are separated from the Green and Brown Algae at the Kingdom level!

      Reply • 27 Jan 2018

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thanks David. I have to read about these everytime to refresh my memory. I have several others but might be difficult to identify them.

        Reply • 01 Feb 2018