Sparaxis bulbifera

Harlequin Flower

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  • Sparaxis bulbifera Harlequin Flower

    04 Oct 2011-38.6,144.0John Corrie

    Six-petalled white flower with yellowish throat. Growing near Prostantherea mellisifolia and Leptospermum myrsinoides species, but I've failed to find an identification.


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Hi John. What was the plant's height and habit?

      Reply • 06 Nov 2016

    2. Chris Lindorff  Leaves may help, particularly if it is Drymophila cyanocarpa.

      Reply • 06 Nov 2016

      • John Corrie  Hi Chris, Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately I don't have further photos of this, but I don't think it can be Drymophlia cyanocarpa. The photos I can find of that show a very prominent ovary at the base of the flower cup, whereas my specimen has an opening into the throat of the flower tube. From memory, I think the height of the plant was about 50-60 cm but I don't have further details. The leaves that you can see (out of focus) are similar to Drymophila but it is a bit of a long shot to get an identification from this one photo. Sorry I can't be more helpful and thanks for trying.

        Reply • 08 Nov 2016

    3. John Corrie  Sparaxis bulbifera species id suggested

      Reply • 12 Mar 2017

    4. John Corrie  After a lot of further research, it seems most likely that this is Sparaxis bulbifera, an invasive species from South Africa. Further west in Vicrtoria and into South Australia, it was growing in the roadside drains and adjacent grassland in huge swathes, in a very open environment. In contrast, this isolated example was in quite shaded bushland close to the Sheaok Falls. On close inspection of the flower, it's just possible to see a bit of purple colouring on the underside of the flower tips where they are curled over. This purple streaking is prominent on the outside of the flower, but only just visible in this example. The 3-parted style is typical of an Iridaceae species.

      Reply • 12 Mar 2017

  • Sparaxis bulbifera Harlequin Flower

    11 Oct 2014-38.4,142.5Kevin Sparrow