Salvia aurea

Golden Salvia

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  • Salvia aurea Golden Salvia

    23 Feb 2014-38.4,142.2Kevin Sparrow


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    1. Unknown  Beach weed at Port Fairy

      Reply • 27 Feb 2014

    2. Unknown  Scientific name is now Salvia africana-lutea

      Reply • 27 Feb 2014

    3. Unknown  Seems to be the only place in Vic where this is recorded as an established weed. It is still called S. aurea in APC and VBA but there are refs to a name change on the web, including RGB Sydney. I can also find refs saying "Salvia aurea - previously known as Salvia africana-lutea" so I will wait for the Aus scientists to catch up!

      Reply • 27 Feb 2014