Pseudomerulius curtisii

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  • Pseudomerulius curtisii

    09 Apr 2011-37.3,144.3John Walter

    3 images - a plain upper surface conceals the golden maze-like gills


  • Pseudomerulius curtisii

    04 Jul 2014-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    Brackets of up to 30mm wide. Very distinctive yellow gills with much crossing, meandering and very much darker towards the centre. Thin and leathery caps with a very dull ochre top. Caps seem to curl into wavy shapes as they get older. These numbered about a dozen in a line on the side of a huge Pinus radiata log with Wicks nature reserve. These logs were placed in the area for landscaping purposes. ID as in Fuhrer (2005) #281 Rarely found yet in Australia? and seemingly uncommon elsewhere. The best reference images I can find are with Renée Lebeuf from Quebec. (need to add ' Pseudomerulius curtisii ')


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