Podocarpus lawrencei

Mountain Plum-pine

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  • Podocarpus lawrencei Mountain Plum-pine

    05 Jan 2012-36.9,147.3Bill Strong


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    1. Unknown  An adaptation to the harsh alpine environment is its habit of clinging to and taking the form of exposed granite boulders. This enables the plant to maximize the light and warmth available for growth during the snow free season. It is the longest lived alpine species but, in that harsh environment, the growth rate is very slow. A specimen from near Mt Kosciuszko was found to be 170 years old but had a trunk diameter of only 6 cm.

      Reply • 17 Jan 2012

    2. Unknown  Another attractive feature of the plant in its natural state is the existence of bare limbs among the mat of growth. These are a twisted, gnarled and weathered to a whitish-grey to contrast with the other colours and with the rock chosen as a substrate.

      Reply • 17 Jan 2012