Peltoschema oceanica

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  • Peltoschema oceanica

    08 May 2014-37.6,144.8Martin Lagerwey

    This leaf beetle is vegetarian but easily mistaken for its mimicry model, the carnivorous spotted ladybird beetle. This one is sometimes mis-identified in photographic images and pinned collections. Leaf beetles have long antennae and ladybirds are very short and slightly knobbed in that department. This beetle has four pronotal spots (usually) and once you notice this, you will hardly be fooled by this devious copycat beetle.


  • Peltoschema oceanica

    27 Jan 2015-38.0,145.4Mark Ridgway

    Similar to many ladybirds but with rows of fine pitting on elytra. Four even spots across the pronotum. About 6mm long. On acacia mearnsii in a local nature reserve. Peltoschema oceanica