Pelecorhynchus flavipennis

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  • Pelecorhynchus flavipennis

    30 Nov 2012-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    A very large fly - 35mm long from wing tips (at rest) to antennae, mostly furry, large black eyes, orange antennae, black thorax with two fine yellow lines, large yellow halteres, stout vacuum-cleaner mouth part, long legs with black femurs and all yellow tibia/tarsi, dark yellow heavily veined wings with black markings, abdomen not seen as it was well covered by the wings. Resting on suburban footpath. This one needs to be compared to the giant spider wasp for Batesian mimicry.


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    1. Suzanne Jones  What an unusual looking fly. Very striking colouration.

      Reply • 16 Feb 2015

      • Mark Ridgway  Scary big too Suzanne and quite scarce. A friend has just photographed only the second one I know of in the past few decades.. Gotta stop people demolishing these swampy leptospermum stands.

        Reply • 16 Feb 2015