Paropsisterna nigerrima

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  • Paropsisterna nigerrima

    18 Nov 2015-37.8,144.3Cathy Powers

    Identification with help from M Lagerwey. This is var. alternata.


  • Paropsisterna nigerrima

    08 Nov 2014-37.7,145.1Martin Lagerwey

    This dark beetle is Paropsisterna nigerrima var. picta. The structure is identical to the common striped form but the color pattern is different. The important srtuctural feature to note for ID is the fine striae (puncturation lines) along the elytra. Sadly, the color patterns are no help. The third variety (nigerrima nigerrima) is entirely black. I suspect that at least two more variations occur that are not recorded in the MOV collection. One is entirely light and dark banded, the other is from NSW and has a different red spot pattern.


  • Paropsisterna nigerrima

    15 Nov 2014-37.5,144.6Martin Lagerwey

    A dark and variable beetle. This variation is "alternata" with alternate interstices containing red stripes. The striae bear lines of fine puncturations in good alignment. Easily confused with Paropsisterna morio which has extremely fine to almost non existent striae punctiurations. These beetles are crepuscular, at least in Victoria and retire under bark during daylight hours.