Paropsis roseola

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  • Paropsis roseola

    07 Mar 2014-34.8,142.3Martin Lagerwey

    Paropsis roseola. This beetle is scarce and appears to occur in the Western deserts and further west to Perth. This beetle is identified by and named for its pink pronotum.


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    1. Chris Lindorff  G'day Martin. Have added this one's name. I have some land in the Mallee, so will look out for this one. Does it prefer a particular species of eucalypt?

      Reply • 07 Mar 2015

    2. Martin Lagerwey  I don't know what eucalypt it prefers. I've seen it only once and it has very few records so it would be a great one to find again. There are several Paropsis and Paropsisterna species to find in the western district where the habitat is quite different. I do well looking on new growth, and at the edges of forest habitat and I like roadside plantations. In Melbourne I have done well on red box.

      Reply • 07 Mar 2015