Opisthoscelis beardsleyi

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    26 Sep 2014-37.9,145.2Leuba Ridgway

    These sub-conical galls with apical holes are female galls of a gall inducing scale insect. The female galls showed enlarged leaf glands. Some leaves also showed small cylindrical galls with apical openings- these were the males of the same species of scale insect (pic 3). Pic 2 shows galls of both sexes on the one leaf. The underside of the leaf showed slight discolouration and minimal waxy bloom (pic 4). Spotted on juvenile leaves of a eucalyptus tree (species unknown) in a nature reserve.


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Hi Leuba. I have added Opisthoscelis beardsleyi to the database. Very interesting information in your description. Thanks. Chris.

      Reply • 03 Mar 2015

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you for the update and for your comments Chris.

        Reply • 04 Mar 2015