Linum trigynum

French Flax

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  • Linum trigynum French Flax

    02 Feb 2015-38.0,145.3Leuba Ridgway

    An erect plant about a foot high with thin dichotomous branches. The flowers were very small, about 5 mm wide with bright yellow petals. Leaves were small, lanceolate and some had indented margins. Spotted growing amongst other vegetation like dandelion, sorrel and grass by a walking track, in a national park. It was difficult to see this plant separate to the others growing in the area but the bright yellow flowers looked like little stars suspended amongst tall grass.


  • Linum trigynum French Flax

    14 Nov 2014-37.5,144.7Russell Best

    Many thousands of plants at this site. Mostly single-stemmed and upright but occasionally multi-stemmed and ascending stems on plants one foot wide. Flowers very small, same size as Cicendia and Sebaea.


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Looks alot like a gentian but nothing i have seen before.

      Reply • 15 Nov 2014