Juncus semisolidus

Plains Rush

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  • Juncus semisolidus Plains Rush

    14 Jan 2015-37.4,145.0Chris Clarke

    1.3m tall


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    1. Chris Clarke  Comment by Brian Bainbridge • The Rush flower Beveridge is either Juncus pallidus or Juncus semisolidus (one key feature, stamen number, was not available, in all other features in the Flora of Victoria key, the species overlap). I have keyed out J. semisolidus from this site before, it is one of the few locations south of Dividing range for this species. On balance, I think it is J. semisolidus, as this appeared to be a reasonably dense tussock while J.pallidus often consists of just a small number of very upright culms.

      Reply • 27 Jan 2015