Hymenotorrendiella eucalypti

Synonym: Torrendiella eucalypti

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  • Hymenotorrendiella eucalypti

    04 Jun 2017-37.4,144.2John Walter

    This species now has a new name - Hymenotorrendiella eucalypti, could this be updated please, The tiny cups are around 1-1.75mm in diameter and they only occur on the leaves of the Blackwood, Acacia melanoxylon in wet forest. Like much of Australia's fungi, this species was named from collections sent overseas, in this instance M. J. Berkeley described it's habit as "on leaves of Eucalyptus", hence the naming error.


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    1. Cathy Powers  Updated

      Reply • 01 Jul 2018

  • Hymenotorrendiella eucalypti

    18 Jun 2016-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    On a damp acacia leaf in Lysterfield Park. This species (in spite of it's name) is an acacia specialist. Size 0.1 to 1 mm


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    1. Lorraine Phelan  So I need to look for this beautiful species on dead acacia leaves?

      Reply • 20 Jun 2016

      • Mark Ridgway  Sorry Lorraine but I've been out of action for a while. Yes.. these are very small and apparently only on acacia in spite of the name. (someone messed up :) )

        Reply • 08 Oct 2016