Engaeus urostrictus

Dandenong Burrowing Crayfish

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  • Engaeus urostrictus Dandenong Burrowing Crayfish

    22 Jan 2016-37.9,145.4Honeyeater

    I'm not sure which of the 2 varieties it could be - Urostrictus or Engaeus tuberculatus - as I live close to a creek & but also on a slope away from stream but with plenty water. (I have larger resolution photos - though I took them with an automatic camera, so the focus is not great, unfortunately - as it was a rare and chance occurrence this morning).


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Excellent observation. A very rare species and on the IUCN Red List as Vulnerable.

      Reply • 22 Jan 2016

    2. Honeyeater  I noticed on the Museum of Victoria page, a lot of people complaining about having them on their property and doing everything to rid themselves of these creatures - that I personally feel blessed to have

      Reply • 23 Jan 2016