Enchoptera apicalis

Wasp-mimicking Longicorn Beetle

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  • Enchoptera apicalis Wasp-mimicking Longicorn Beetle

    04 Oct 2017-37.1,142.5Andrew Allen

    Strange looking wasp mimic. When I first saw it, it was flying between flowers, and in flight it looked like a gasteruptiid or ichneumon wasp with a similar style of flying. It was quite quick and difficult to photograph, but after a while it stayed still and I got a few photos. The face looks like a longicorn beetle. Until I got a photo of the face, I thought it was a wasp. After a bit of google searching I think this is Enchoptera apicalis.


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    1. David Francis  Fascinating. I've added E. apicalis to the database.

      Reply • 06 Oct 2017

    2. David Francis  Tony D. on BB says that Enchotera apicalis has a laterally smooth pronotum, rather longish 'snout', and last antennal segments pale. This seems to fit your observation.

      Reply • 06 Oct 2017