Electroma papilionacea

Common Butterfly-shell

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  • Electroma papilionacea Common Butterfly-shell

    25 May 2018-38.0,145.0Leuba Ridgway

    A bivalve with paper-thin shells and about 40 mm wide. It had broken orange bands radiating from the umbo (where the valves are hinged). A very fragile specimen that was surprisingly intact despite being blown about in the wind. The slightly flared part of the shell near the umbo (on the Lt side in Pic 1) is called the auricle or wing, giving the species it's common name.


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    1. David Francis  So beautiful and delicate! E. virens added.

      Reply • 29 May 2018

      • Leuba Ridgway  David, I am sorry to do this to you. I have just been informed by an expert from Tasmania that E. virens is no longer the accepted name. It is now Electroma papilionacea. Could this be rectified please.

        Reply • 29 May 2018

    2. David Francis  Electroma papilionacea added. Would you please update the name, Leuba.

      Reply • 30 May 2018