Codium pomoides


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  • Codium pomoides Sea-apple

    19 Mar 2013-38.4,145.1Mark Ridgway

    Found on a broad sandy beach facing the Southern ocean this very firm, moist, velvety dark green ball was washed up. I have seen them before but never thought much about them. A bit larger than a golf ball, very slightly translucent, very dense like it was full of water, tough yet velvety. Chlorophyta : Bryopsidophyceae : Bryopsidales : Codiaceae Apparently they can be up to 120mm dia. and are composed of a single cell which can repair itself if damaged. It appears fluffy underwater.


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    1. David Francis  What the ...? I'm familiar with the common Codium fragile which does look like a sea-weed, but this is a new one to me!

      Reply • 29 May 2018

    2. David Francis  Codium pomoides added

      Reply • 29 May 2018

    3. David Francis  Probably looks more green colour when fresh/submerged.

      Reply • 29 May 2018

      • Mark Ridgway  Yes it actually looked a little greener than this. My cam at the time hated greens.

        Reply • 29 May 2018