Clitopilus hobsonii

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  • Clitopilus hobsonii

    29 Jul 2018-37.5,144.3zeke1944


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    1. zeke1944  Seems to fit the description of C. hobsonii. It definitely has a pink sporeprint. Which would make it an Entoloma or a Clitopilus. The fan shaped Entoloma is found on well rotted logs with a visible Mycelium so that probable discounts it. There are at least 3 sp of fan shaped in the Clitopilus camp with hobsonii being the most likely..

      Reply • 30 Jul 2018

  • Clitopilus hobsonii

    22 Jul 2018-37.4,144.6John Walter

    Several images including close up of the pinkish brown spores caught up in the gills. Superficially like Cheimonophyllum candidissimum which has white spores and also like Crepidotus variabilis which has a watery texture and is not as furry with gills that quickly turn brown.