Caenoplana hoggii

Hogg's Flatworm

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  • Caenoplana hoggii Hogg's Flatworm

    13 Apr 2014-37.5,144.5Russell Best

    In the northern Pyrete. Blue stripes are a feature of this and one other species - see comments.


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    1. Unknown  Dr Leigh Winsor says "Mr H. R. Hogg was a keen naturalist who had a property at Mt Macedon, which is the type locality for this species. The species occurs in south central Victoria and extending eastwards to the highlands. There is another species of similar appearance, C. sulphureus in which the inner paired stripes are narrower than the outer pair and are usually all black - in C. hoggii the inner pair are broader and generally exhibit a green colour with a touch of indigio, than the outer pair."

      Reply • 03 May 2014

  • Chauliognathus lugubris Plague Soldier Beetle Caenoplana hoggii Hogg's Flatworm

    03 Feb 2013-37.4,144.6David Francis

    A terrestrial flatworm (Caenoplana hoggii)digesting a Soldier Beetle (Chauliognathus lugbris). The flatworm coils around its prey and everts a tube-like mouth/pharynx from the middle underside of body. This injects digestive enzymes into the insect.


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