Amauroderma rude

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  • Amauroderma rude

    19 Mar 2016-37.4,144.6John Walter

    Note the long dark stipe on the second image and an older specimen on the left in the third.


  • Amauroderma rude

    21 Jul 2015-37.6,145.9Leuba Ridgway

    The fruiting bodies of this very tough woody fungus looked like large rusty nails arising from the ground. The flattened caps ( upto 50 mm across) had concentric rings and were slightly puckered. The underside showed dark reddish brown pores - no white "bloom" as the cap were old. The stems were firm and slightly velvety in dry specimens. Some of the caps had incorporated grass blades ( pic 3). Spotted on a damp forest floor - mixed natives but mostly young mountain ash ( Eucalyptus regnens)