Psilocybe brunneoalbescens

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  • Psilocybe brunneoalbescens

    30 Jul 2018-37.5,144.3zeke1944

    On partially buried well rotted wood on the bank of the Lerderderg river.


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    1. John Walter  Could you add a separate image of the underside for this species please, click on the image and when the next screen opens click edit details and add an image. It looks like one of the Psilocybe species and I want to get a close look at the gills for spore colour.

      Reply • 30 Jul 2018

    2. zeke1944  Psilocybe brunneoalbescens species id suggested

      Reply • 30 Jul 2018

    3. zeke1944  Who designed this program centrelink ? I've put the name in about 4 times so far.

      Reply • 30 Jul 2018