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  • Goniocidaris tubaria Thorny Sea Urchin

    06 May 2018-38.5,145.2Leuba Ridgway

    This slate-pencil sea urchin would have been about 50 mm across. It had probably just died and been washed ashore - still had most of its short thick primary spines and smaller needle like secondary spines. The primary photo is of the top side (aboral) and the second is of the underside (oral) with the mouth in the middle. Just visible in pic 4 is a triangular white tooth-like structure in the centre which is part of a complex dental apparatus called the "Aristotle's Lantern". The shorter spines were a deep red and the thicker ones were paler, some with deep red ridges. It is possible that a few long ones were broken at this stage. Spotted on the rocky ocean shore -low tide mark on the south coast. (Phillip Island)


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    1. Cathy Powers  Leuba - if I could triple star this, I would. Great compilation of images and information.

      Reply • 10 May 2018

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you Cathy. I was really excited to find this one with spines intact. I absolutely love marine invertebrates.

        Reply • 27 May 2018

    2. David Francis  Goniocidaris tubaria added. Another great marine species for NS. Maybe we should start a marine species group.(Seashore Species?)

      Reply • 11 May 2018

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you David. Sorry for the delayed response. We should start a group. i am sure there would be others with some good specimens. I have a few more to post..

        Reply • 27 May 2018

  • Elseyornis melanops Black-fronted Dotterel Black-fronted Plover

    03 Sep 2016-38.5,145.2Chris Clarke


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  • Gauna aegusalis

    04 Oct 2014-38.5,145.2Mark Ridgway

    This smallish moth dropped from an acacia tree into some long grass. The more I chased it the more it burrowed into the grass. About 20mm long. In a newly allocated nature reserve. Ventnor.


  • Schoenus apogon Common Bog-sedge

    04 Oct 2014-38.5,145.2Mark Ridgway

    These small grassy plants were populating a shallow depression in an ephemeral wetland. About 200mm tall maximum they had shiny black flower heads and occasional black sections on the leaves or stems as well producing a striking and attractive effect. Soil was judged as very poor, coarse sandy. Zero shade. In a newly developed nature reserve next to an ocean/bay beach. A tufted perennial about 5-25 cm high. Flowers from Winter to January.


  • Dasineura tomentosa

    03 Oct 2014-38.5,145.2Leuba Ridgway

    Looking very much like small Camellia flower buds, these pea-sized growths could easily be mistaken for flower buds on the tea tree. They were globose, had scaly bract like outer growth and layers of soft sheaths within. They did not appear to have stalks and were seen on branches between nodes. On cutting one of them open, I found at least two very small maggots at the base, not much over 1 mm in length. The inside of the gall was soft with white fibrous layers. Spotted on Coastal Tea Tree ( Leptospermum laevigatum)


  • Leucopogon ericoides Pink Beard-heath

    03 Oct 2014-38.5,145.2Mark Ridgway

    Small white clustered flowers with white, feathery petals in flared tubular shape. Plant was about 0.5 metres tall. Thick, tough pointy leaves thin stems. These were right on the edge of the beach growing in almost pure sand with a solid stand of coastal ti-tree (Leptospermum laevigatum) surrounding it. Newly created nature reserve.


  • Haswellia emarginata Sphaeromatid Isopod

    03 Oct 2014-38.5,145.2Mark Ridgway

    Found trapped in a small pool of seawater at low tide on rocks. These are very fast and always keen to remain in shadows. About 9mm long; others in the area suggest high variability in colour and pattern. Sphaeromatid isopod...


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    1. David Francis  Species name added, Mark.

      Reply • 06 Jun 2018

  • Venatrix arenaris

    03 Oct 2014-38.5,145.2Mark Ridgway

    Small spider found in a small depression in an ephemeral wetland. Approximately 18mm long. Ephemeral wetland in a newly created nature reserve.


  • Caloplaca spp.

    04 Oct 2012-38.5,145.2Mark Ridgway

    This little patch of lichen was on rocks just above the high tide mark. It would have been getting full sun for most of the day and in spite of it's soft fluid appearance it was really quite tough. It was surrounded by other lichens, one that looked like splattered white paint and one which was very black and even tougher. About 50mm across. Maybe Caloplaca thallincola ??


  • Hormosira banksii Neptune's Necklace Sea Grapes

    04 Oct 2012-38.5,145.2Mark Ridgway

    These were growing in a small nature reserve on a rocky shoreline just inside the mouth of WesternPort. Greenish brown-algae made of strings of hollow, water-filled, round beads on a short stalk. Each bead has a smooth surface except for an even array of tiny tubercules (containing reproductive cells) and is about 12-15mm diameter. The strings might be up to 200mm long and many strings may grow from a single base. Sometimes called sea grapes.