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  • Doratifera oxleyi Painted Cup Moth

    22 Mar 2018-37.8,148.5Mark Ridgway

    Several attracted to lights in camping ground at night. There seemed to be far more females than males around the lights but in the forest in daytime we found far more males than females.


  • Fungi spp. Fungi

    19 May 2017-37.8,148.5Mark Ridgway

    This small fungus was found in sand just inside the mouth of the Snowy River. It might have developed from some other buried substrate but the nearest plant life was a few metres away. Viscid, mildly conical, mustard yellow cap, gills free, spore possibly brown (see pic 2). About 16mm across About 30mm tall. Resembling a yellow version of Mycena interupta.


  • Cymatoderma elegans

    16 May 2017-37.8,148.5Leuba Ridgway

    A large brown paper-thin fruiting body with a ruffled upper surface and beautiful white pore surface (underside) arising from a damp log. The fruiting body had a very short stipe. Spotted in a temperate rain forest. My thanks to John Walter for the ID and information highlighting differences between Podoscypha and Cymatoderma.


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    1. John Walter  Hi Leuba, this looks more like Cymatoderma elegans, it has much larger funnels than the Podoscypha and the wrinkled white underside is not seen on the Podoscypha

      Reply • 16 Dec 2017

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thanks again John. It's so good to have the added information. Love the dramatic underside and so pleased to have one I've never seen before. Sorry I couldn't amend the ID sooner.

        Reply • 23 Dec 2017

  • Phaeographis mucronata

    16 May 2017-37.8,148.5Leuba Ridgway

    Small pale greyish-white plaques (photobiont) were seen on moist thick bark of a eucalypt. Each of these plaques had a scribbly lead-grey pattern. These long, branched reproductive parts (Lirellae) are the apothecia. Spotted on coastal banksia - Snowy River Estuary.


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    1. David Francis  Phaeographis mucronata added to db. ALA has Graphis mucronata as a syn. Your obs are always very enigmatic, Leuba!

      Reply • 25 May 2017

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you for adding the ID David. My obs are enigmatic you say.. I don't have fantastic photographic equipment so I am forced to take shots of things that will not fly or run away from me but more often than not these specimens have very interesting life cycles and associations. I take shots of anything unusual and then research it afterwards - it's been great learning & very interesting so far !

        Reply • 25 May 2017

  • Ramboldia laeta

    16 May 2017-37.8,148.5Leuba Ridgway

    Greyish white plaques with small brilliant red irregular convex discs which produce spores (apothecia). The apothecia were scattered on the grey crust. Spotted on a damp tree trunk - coastal /estuarine at the high tide mark.


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  • Collema spp.

    16 May 2017-37.8,148.5Leuba Ridgway

    Small patches of green slimy lichen with flat bluish-white apothecia on damp tree trunks. Spotted on coastal Banksia at high tide mark.


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