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    27 Oct 2019-37.6,144.9Jeff Triplett

    Galls on twigs of a grey box. The galls are about 4mm wide on twigs about 1mm wide, and light green underneath. There were several groups like the one shown on the same waist high sapling. The largest group about 100mm across. Most of the stunted leaves attached to the galled twigs had conical galls on the underside, about 1.5mm high (see third photo). These appear to be associated since they do not appear anywhere else on the sapling.


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    1. Jeff Triplett  I wonder if there is any point posting gall photos on inaturalist? There is no way of grouping galls together and the only identification I could give for this post would be Insecta or Eucalyptus microcarpa.

      Reply • 16 Nov