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  • Enchocrates glaucopis

    06 Oct 2019-37.9,145.3Leuba Ridgway

    A pale moth with purple tinged wings and fringed trailing margins. Wingspan could have been about 10 to 12 mm.Each fore wing had a smudged dark patch in the middle of the inner margin which at rest formed a dark circle. On each wing was also a small dark, slightly posterior to the dark patch. Antennae were swept back. The labial palps appeared to form a "snout" with a short stiff bristle on either side at the tip. Seen under a bright garden light on a warm night.


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    1. Wendy Moore  Depressariidae Enchocrates sp. I have trouble IDing to sp. Cathy has similarly marked ones as E glaucopis, however these all have distinct red/pink stripes on outer 1/2 of forewings

      Reply • 09 Oct 2019