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  • Cyanicula caerulea Blue Fairy

    16 Sep 2018-37.9,144.2Bernie Lingham

    From a distance it looked faintly mauve but I'd appreciate confirmation that it's a white form of Cyanicula caerulea (Blue fingers/Blue fairy). 2 pics.


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    1. Cathy Powers  Yes, that is a correct ID. Nice find!

      Reply • 17 Sep 2018

    2. Bernie Lingham  Thanks Cathy. It was the day for Caladenias on the Tedd Errey Circuit yesterday - C. fuscata (pink and whiter coloured forms), C. carnea and Cyanicula caerulea as well.

      Reply • 17 Sep 2018

  • Caladenia fuscata Dusky Fingers

    16 Sep 2018-37.9,144.3Bernie Lingham

    White coloured C fuscata (Dusky Fingers). ID'd on the basis of features such as the forward-pointing triangular extensions on mid-lobes, lack of yellow on lip/tip of labellum, glands on back of dorsal sepal and underneath sepals and petals. However noted a lack of prominent red transverse stripes on and underneath the labellum. Other C. fuscata nearby displayed the stripes extending further up the lobes and underneath the labellum. Just a variation perhaps in this plant? 4 pics.


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Great set of photos Bernie. Quite a variable species within the Brisbane Ranges area (and possibly elsewhere) and much more common in this area than Caladenia carnea.

      Reply • 02 Oct 2018

      • Bernie Lingham  Thanks Chris. Yes we saw quite a few C. fuscata in our travels along Nelson Track, not that we got too far down the track. Too many flowering plants like Grevillea steiglitziana and the Leucopogon fletcheri (new plant for me) to check out.

        Reply • 03 Oct 2018