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  • Gymnopus sp. nov. sensu Gates & Ratkowsky(1) 2016 Pink Furry

    29 Jul 2018-37.4,144.3zeke1944

    Gymnopus Pink Furry


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    1. John Walter  This is an interesting find, the gill colour had me wondering for a while but is does seem to fit well. The gills appear to be reflecting a bit of colour but I think they are more white than they look in the image which is good. Could this be added to the dataset please either as Gymnopus spp or preferrably as Gymnopus sp. nov. sensu Gates & Ratkowsky(1) 2016 in the same way the Xylaria "Spikey" was set up.

      Reply • 29 Jul 2018

    2. Cathy Powers  Preferred name added to dataset.

      Reply • 29 Jul 2018

    3. John Walter  Gymnopus sp. nov. sensu Gates & Ratkowsky(1) 2016 species id suggested

      Reply • 29 Jul 2018

    4. John Walter  Thanks Cathy, last time David added the "tag" name to the Common name field as well, in this instance it would be "Pink Furry". There are so many well known but unnamed fungi species out there but this allows us to separate them out while we wait for the taxonomy to catch up.

      Reply • 29 Jul 2018

    5. Cathy Powers  Common name added.

      Reply • 30 Jul 2018

  • Mycena roseoflava

    29 Jul 2018-37.4,144.4zeke1944


  • Mesophellia spp.

    29 Jul 2018-37.4,144.3John Walter

    Three images. A truffle-like species which is unusual in that the spores form in a space around an infertile core. The core is believed to be high in nutrients which is the reward for the mammal that finds, eats and disperses the species. In other truffle-like species virtually all the inside of the fungus contains fertile spore producing material.


  • Clitopilus hobsonii

    29 Jul 2018-37.5,144.3zeke1944


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    1. zeke1944  Seems to fit the description of C. hobsonii. It definitely has a pink sporeprint. Which would make it an Entoloma or a Clitopilus. The fan shaped Entoloma is found on well rotted logs with a visible Mycelium so that probable discounts it. There are at least 3 sp of fan shaped in the Clitopilus camp with hobsonii being the most likely..

      Reply • 30 Jul 2018

  • Chlorociboria spp.

    29 Jul 2018-37.5,144.3zeke1944


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    Lawrie Conole and Bernie Lingham starred this.

    1. zeke1944  Seen at Jack Cann reserve

      Reply • 06 Aug 2018

    2. zeke1944  Chlorociboria spp. species id suggested

      Reply • 07 Aug 2018

    3. John Walter  Research done in New Zealand a decade ago identified 15 species of Chlorociboria in that country, many of which have long stipes. It is thought that Australasia is a centre of diversity for this genus (there are only two species in the northern hemisphere) however the research has not been done on Australian species. None of the NZ species appear to be a good match to this item but this was collected by the herbarium so a name may be found when the research is done.

      Reply • 09 Aug 2018