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  • Pterostylis melagramma Tall Greenhood

    18 Aug 2016-37.4,144.7Lydia Best

    Please help with ID and sorry for the bad photo, I took it with my Laptop and I was trying not to touch it but it in a rather awkward position on the edge of a very steep bank. It is the first greenhood I have seen this season.


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    1. Reilly  You took the photo with your laptop?! That's impressive!

      Reply • 24 Aug 2016

    2. Chris Lindorff  Lydia. Well done capturing this with your laptop. Nice tall specimen. You are right with Pterostylis longifolia s.l., which can be further identified more strictly as Pterostylis melagramma.

      Reply • 24 Aug 2016

    3. Lydia Best  Thank you Chris for the help identifying it, i have updated the observation now.

      Reply • 27 Aug 2016