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  • Deinopis subrufa Common Netcasting Spider

    03 Dec 2015-37.9,145.3Leuba Ridgway

    A net-casting spider with its blue rectangular net which was loosely slung from the front legs. The spider was prepared to get its meal at this stage. Pics 2 & 3 are of the spider at day time - it was magical to see the blue net which she would have made in the evening for some supper that night. Hoping I'd be able to get an action shot next time and a shot of those enormous eyes !


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    1. Suzanne Jones  Fantastic photo!

      Reply • 05 Dec 2015

    2. Gill Best  Wow! Amazing!

      Reply • 05 Dec 2015

    3. David Francis  Deinopis subrufa added. This is a fantastic series of photographs of a very interesting spider. The web/net looks to be fluorescent.

      Reply • 05 Dec 2015

    4. Leuba Ridgway  Thanks David, Gill & Suzanne . Very lucky that she was still there at night and had a web trap all ready for the evening. Hope she got something !

      Reply • 05 Dec 2015

    5. Reilly  very cool!

      Reply • 10 Dec 2015