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  • Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris Eastern Spinebill

    26 Jul 2015-37.8,144.9Thomas Nataprawira

    An Eastern Spinebill has been visiting our Correa"Barossa Gold" and Salvia regularly for the last two weeks.


  • Poronia erici Small Dung Button

    26 Jul 2015-38.0,145.3Leuba Ridgway

    Small ( 6mm wide) flat pale discs with tapering bases seen on herbivore dung pellet ( possibly Kangaroo) The pale surfaces had minute evenly spaced holes (ostioles) - some of them showed puckering around the edges. The discs had irregular margins. Spotted in a national park which is a free range for kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and rabbits. ( Churchill National Park) ( This is Poronia erici but there is no listing on ALA. Ref : Fuhrer 2005. Could this be added, please Thanks)


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Hi Leuba. I am also familiar with this fungi and have known it to be Poronia erici. However, I am having trouble now finding its reference in any of the censuses, etc. It has possibly had a name change, but this is normally easy enough to track also. The concern with simply adding Poronia erici in Natureshare is not knowing how the ALA will treat this record when it is uploaded into its database. If it is ignored due to no matching name with ALA, you record is less useful than if we can get a name that matches. I'll keep hunting for the name and ask Tom May for an update. Thanks. Chris.

      Reply • 27 Jul 2015

    2. Tom May  Poronia erici is certainly the correct identification and the current name (even though it is not in the ALA at present). There are some issues with the fungi names in the ALA and there are still many good names for fungi that are not loaded into the names list for the ALA (the National Species List). I am working with the ALA to improve the coverage of fungi names.

      Reply • 24 Aug 2015

      • Chris Lindorff  Many thanks for your reply Tom. I'll add this name to Natureshare.

        Reply • 25 Aug 2015

      • Leuba Ridgway  Many thanks Tom May for your input. Thanks to you also Chris.

        Reply • 25 Oct 2015

  • Geoglossum spp.

    26 Jul 2015-38.0,145.3Leuba Ridgway

    Hardly visible on a bed of moss were these thin sculptured stalks with smooth club-shaped tips. The whole fruiting body was about 30 mm tall including the 15 mm club-shaped fertile tips. Spotted on moss beds along walking track - Churchill National Park . There were several of these in a moist patch of moss.


  • Daphoenositta chrysoptera chrysoptera Orange-winged Sittella

    26 Jul 2015-37.6,144.9Andrew Allen

    Varied Sittella, sub-species chrysoptera "Orange-winged Sittella", Woodlands Historic Park, July 2015. I'm adding some bird photos for species that I have photoraphed in Victoria that haven't yet been recorded on NatureShare.


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