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  • Oxycanus australis Southern Oxycanus

    17 May 2015-37.8,144.3Cathy Powers


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    1. Cathy Powers  This moth was sighted during the day hanging in an Allocasuarina. The wind moved it about and at first glance it looked like a dead leaf.

      Reply • 21 May 2015

  • Cortinarius pseudorotundisporus

    17 May 2015-37.5,144.3zeke1944


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    1. zeke1944  I think this Cortinarius pseudorotundisporus, Have found this far and wide in several locations. It is smaller than C rotundisporus and always retains an umbo it also has on occasions yellowish hues the proportion is different as well with a smaller cap for the length of the stem. Usually found in wet gullies in groups. Seen in the Jack Cann reserve.

      Reply • 02 Aug 2018

    2. John Walter  Yes, I have seen the FNCV refer to this item under that name. I have found it in Blue Gully and also near Mt Sabine Falls in the Otways. I have a description for C. pseudorotundisporus in my files some where, will review it and let you know - just found the description in another of Gasparini's papers and it is an excellent match. He mentions the pileus margin is striate in his English description, but he makes no reference to this in the official Latin diagnosis. Your image and mine do not indicate this species is translucently striate and Gasparini did not use the word transluscent so perhaps he was referring to the way the fibrils give it a vaguely striate appearance. It certainly was not deemed important enough to include in the diagnosis. I suspect the colour is a bit too dark in your image going by the level of the shadow and green on the fern. Could Cortinarius pseudorotundisporus be added to the database please.

      Reply • 02 Aug 2018

    3. David Francis  Cortinarius pseudorotundisporus added to dataset

      Reply • 02 Aug 2018