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  • Periclystus circuiter

    05 Mar 2014Leuba Ridgway

    This fantastic antlion looked like many other things ( a piece of moulted reptilian skin, an abandoned cobweb with trapped insects and even dried-up bird dropping.) as it clung to a dried twig. Pic 4 is a dorsal view and Pic 5 from the underside showing a dark abdomen. The head, thorax and abdomen were dark with the last abdominal segments showing some yellow. Antennae were short with slightly curved tips. The spectacular wings looked like lace with dark patterns of black and brown. When in flight, the frames of the wings were hardly visible, showing flashes of dark spatters. Body length (including long fore-wings and antennae) would have been about 50 mm. Spotted on a dry Goodenia plant in a nature reserve ( Wick's)


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Hi Leuba. Periclystus circuiter has now been added, ready for you to assign to this amazing individual.

      Reply • 06 Mar 2015

    2. Martin Lagerwey  Its a great and terrible sight.

      Reply • 06 Mar 2015

  • Eurygryllodes spp.

    05 Mar 2014-37.4,144.7Russell Best

    I suspect this is the whistling Cricket that can be heard every night giving a lovely soft whistle. Whistles at 5200Hz which is picked up by an iPhone but not by my Samsung phone!


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    1. Unknown  Identification by David Rentz. David suggested it could be an undescribed species.

      Reply • 15 Mar 2014