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  • Paracaudina bacillis Caudinid Sea-cucumber

    07 Aug 2012-38.4,145.1Mark Ridgway

    This creature had just been left among the detritus at high-tide mark as the water began to recede. It seemed that it was beginning to dry out in the sand. 150mm long and about 60mm diameter, cylindrical but tapered both ends; very small 'mouth' opening at one end; pale cream coloured to pale orange at the 'head' end; felt very firm but dry to touch; some minor wrinkles covering most of the body (could be from beginning to dry out?) These might be the most non-descript creatures I can think of - ventral, dorsal, lateral views almost indistinguishable!


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    1. David Francis  Paracaudina bacillis added.

      Reply • 29 May 2018

    2. David Francis  A strange-looking creature related to the sea-urchins but without the spiny skin. Has radial symmetry which makes it different to the higher animals which have bilateral symmetry. Nice observation!

      Reply • 29 May 2018

      • Mark Ridgway  Thanks. It seemed to exist in a whole different time-frame to us. Ever so slowly flexed it's body while I carried it back to water. Yes very strange things.

        Reply • 29 May 2018