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  2012-02-05 11:28 PM


-37.270911 , 143.378401 : 353.889 m

Near 58 Mount Lonarch Rd, Mount Lonarch VIC 3468, Australia


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Lauren Fraser and Lorraine Phelan starred this.

  1. Lawrie Conole  Painted Button-quail. Lovely image of them cosied up!

    Reply • 26 Aug 2019

  2. Wendy Moore  Thanks Lawrie. They were covered with drops of dew. Their platelets are common but I did not expect to spot them while mothing over night!

    Reply • 26 Aug 2019

  3. Lauren Fraser  So beautiful! I feel like this is ripe for a caption competition.

    Reply • 26 Aug 2019

  4. Wendy Moore  Thanks Lauren they are very cute

    Reply • 27 Aug 2019

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