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Four photos. These shiny blue insects were on an unidentified rush sp. about 40cm high. They are quite lively and it was windy so hard to photograph. See also Jeff Tripett's photo from 3 Dec 2018.

Date & Time

  2018-12-06 12:10 PM


-38.091344 , 141.753243 : 63.015 m

Near Ettrick-Condah Rd, Heywood VIC 3304, Australia


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  1. Jeff Triplett  Congrats on the photos. I think you mean Andrew Allens obs: My camera does not have that much magnification!

    Reply • 06 Dec 2018

  2. David Francis  Not unlike Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Altica

    Reply • 06 Dec 2018

  3. David Francis  Andrew' suggestion looks very good too. Arispoda sp. Might have to leave it as subfamily Galerucinae which could be added.

    Reply • 06 Dec 2018

  4. David Francis  Galerucinae subfamiy added.

    Reply • 06 Dec 2018

  5. David Francis  Yes, I think Arsipoda sp. (Flea beetle) is a good match. I can see the jumping hind legs. Arsipoda spp. added to db.

    Reply • 07 Dec 2018

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