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  2018-09-23 02:36 PM


  -37.147203 , 142.503067 : 367.365 m

Near Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia


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David Francis, Lauren Fraser, and Bernie Lingham starred this.

  1. zeke1944  Utricularia grampiana. Separated from U. dichotoma.

    Reply • 02 Oct

  2. David Francis  U. dichotoma:Bracts and bracteoles attached to stems at base; upper lobe of perianth uniformly coloured U. grampiana: Bracts and bracteoles attached to stems distinctly above base; upper lobe of perianth usually with darker flecks. I can't see these features in the photo, so U. dichotoma more likely going on location and how common (U. grampiana rare and generally restricted to Mt Difficult and Mt William areas). Safe to give it U. dichotoma s.l.

    Reply • 04 Oct

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